Digital Meets High Fashion: 43 Photos With Awesome Lighting Effects


What do you get when you take the lighting skills of top fashion photographers and add extreme digital effects? High fashion eye candy at it’s best!

In the world of fashion photography proper use of lighting is the key to producing a professional looking image. As the lines between Digital Media, illustration and photography blur there seem to be a lot of creative experimenting going on. Amazing and inventive lighting techniques, colours pushed to the brim and digital effects give these experimental fashion photos a surreal and extra magical or urban reminiscent look and feel. Below is a compilation of the most creative lighting in fashion photography I spotted on the web. Enjoy! See Full Post

ON August 27 '09

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52 jaw-dropping photo manipulations


No stone was left unturned as I prepared this next installment in the photo manipulation inspiration series and it paid off. I wanted the best of the best for this showcase and I dare say that’s exactly what I found.

Whether you like the new skool digital media illustrations, the more abstract designer flavoured work or the typical commercial photo manipulation we’ve got you covered today. I’ve searched high and low for new work from established and unknown photoshop artists alike and I must admit, what I found left a smile on my face. Enjoy and be inspired, if you like what you see remember a Tweet or any other type of social support means a lot to us. See Full Post

ON August 24 '09

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10 Pieces of Awe-inspiring Photo Manipulation from Adam Spizak


One third photo manipulation, one third abstract elements and one third pure awesomeness is how I would describe London based Designer Adam Spizak’s style.

Adam Spizak is a self taught professional illustrator and designer. Adam hails from Poland but is currently residing in the United Kingdom’s design center London where he works as a web designer and interactive developer.

As with everything in life photo manipulation comes in many styles and flavors. I love many types of work but when it comes to stylized photo manipulation I have to hand it to Adam Spizak – he’s my current number one.

What makes Adam’s work unique for me is the way he combines believable manipulation, stylized elements and story. That last one is the ingredient that’s missing in a lot of work these days, much to Adam Spizak’s benefit, because his skill as a visual storyteller leaves many of his colleagues light years behind. See Full Post

ON August 18 '09

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Awesome photo manipulation part 2


The first “Awesome photo manipulation inspiration” post was extremely well received. Actually the response was so overwhelming that I figured I’d set up another showcase for you guys. Hope you enjoy, and should there be a stunning photoshop wizard that I might have missed be sure to let me know in the comments so I can include them in the inevitable follow up! See Full Post

ON July 5 '08

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Awesome photo manipulation inspiration


Those of us who have tried mixing a bunch of photos together know that the process isn’t quite as easy as it might look. Blending different elements to form a single convincing image requires a very diverse skill set. Composition, color theory, the need for a solid concept and the technical know how to blend the elements together often come in to play in one piece.

The following 10 artists and studio’s definitely know what they’re doing though. So enjoy the work and be inspired. See Full Post

ON May 27 '08

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