The Mesmerizing Art of Concept Art Giant Android Jones


If you think most digital paintings look the same look no further, Android Jones imbues his work with a style and flavor that you won’t find anywhere else.

Android Jones, also know as Andrew Jones, is perhaps one of the most respected artists in the concept art world today. Apart from having a particularly strong resume, a unique style and a wealth of experience under his belt Andrew is also one of the founders of the respected art community He is well known for creating 1000 self-portraits in 1000 days, an artistic record no doubt. Andrew is also a respected art teacher, having been a instructor for the ConceptArt workshops numerous times. See Full Post

ON December 10 '09

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Talented Mixed Media Illustrators Anthony Harmon and Kode Abdo Share Valuable Wisdom


When you work a story into your eye candy filled design or illustration something becomes possible that otherwise would not have: you get a chance to really touch the viewer.

I’ve asked two of my favourite up and coming designer/illustrators to talk to me about mixed media illustration, specifically about the importance of telling a visual story with your pieces and what makes them tick. I’ve highlighted some of their best pieces and asked them to explain the deeper meaning behind them. See Full Post

ON November 30 '09

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Interview with Creative Agency FACTORY311


Where most creative agencies obsess over typefaces and kerning Factory311 has a different philosophy. They’re all about blowing the proverbial roof off the house. Their weapon of choice? Sheer visual awesomeness.

Last week I managed to steal some time from Factory311’s director Nicholas Hardy for an interview I’ve been wanting to do from the moment I saw the awesome work they produce. Factory features a star cast of the hottest digital media artists featuring names like SOEMONE, Alberto Seveso, Federico Bebber and Sakke Soini. It’s this creative talent combined with the impressive list of professional photographers such as Jamie Nelson, Paco Peregrin, Valerie Morignat, Eric Canto and Andreas Stavrinides that gives Factory 311 the cutting edge style and versatility they are know for. See Full Post

ON October 22 '09

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80(!) Excellent Examples of Mixed Media Fashion Illustration


Fashion illustration is one of the forms of illustration that has been out there forever but seems to blur into the background a bit. This is a shame because it’s one of the most creative and versatile styles in illustration.

From the soft illustrations of Bangkok’s ISE , the brooding work of Hong Kong’s Calvin Ho or the clever product intergration of Finland’s Laura Liane, this post is extremely diverse. Filled to the brim with awesome fashion illustrations this over 80 pieces of inspiration article is Designfeedr’s largest inspiration post to date.

This post was a lot of work on Pandii’s part. This was partially due to the huge quantity of images showcased but also because she’s fairly new to all the coding that goes on behind the screens. If you enjoy it I imagine she would very much appreciate a Tweet or Facebook mention. See Full Post

ON October 7 '09

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Over 40 Mind-Blowing Cover Illustrations by Marko Djurdjevic


During one of my browsing sessions I came across a blog post on ConceptArt that promoted Marko Djurdjevic’s new artbook. The art Marko shared in that post shattered my unprepared mind.

Artbooks come and go and I must admit, rarely do I find one interesting enough to actually make the purchase. Marko Djurdjevic’s first artbook, filled to the brim with coverwork for Marvel, has seriously infected me with a bad case of “want it now”. I grew up on characters like Spiderman, Captain America and the X-Men and to see my childhood heroes brought to life with such amazing skill is just mindblowing. Below are over 40 pieces from Marko’s book “The Marvel art of Marco Djurdjevic”, enjoy and be amazed. See Full Post

ON September 23 '09

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Stunning illustrated typography on dark backgrounds


Can’t decide whether you like design or illustration best? No need to choose, the stunning illustrated typography in this post features the best of both worlds.

I digged this post from the Designfeedr archives, I found the post in the “draft” section of the blog’s articles and immediately knew I had made a mistake in taking it offline. Since this article dates from well before Designfeedr’s reboot it has a large amount of comments, just thought I’d mention it to avoid any possible confusion.

I had to put in the necessary work to remove the weaker pieces, add some more awesome typography and update the formatting and designer info. Definitely worth it in the end though. Enjoy! See Full Post

ON September 15 '09

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