80(!) Excellent Examples of Mixed Media Fashion Illustration


Fashion illustration is one of the forms of illustration that has been out there forever but seems to blur into the background a bit. This is a shame because it’s one of the most creative and versatile styles in illustration.

From the soft illustrations of Bangkok’s ISE , the brooding work of Hong Kong’s Calvin Ho or the clever product intergration of Finland’s Laura Liane, this post is extremely diverse. Filled to the brim with awesome fashion illustrations this over 80 pieces of inspiration article is Designfeedr’s largest inspiration post to date.

This post was a lot of work on Pandii’s part. This was partially due to the huge quantity of images showcased but also because she’s fairly new to all the coding that goes on behind the screens. If you enjoy it I imagine she would very much appreciate a Tweet or Facebook mention. See Full Post

ON October 7 '09

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