Talented Mixed Media Illustrators Anthony Harmon and Kode Abdo Share Valuable Wisdom


When you work a story into your eye candy filled design or illustration something becomes possible that otherwise would not have: you get a chance to really touch the viewer.

I’ve asked two of my favourite up and coming designer/illustrators to talk to me about mixed media illustration, specifically about the importance of telling a visual story with your pieces and what makes them tick. I’ve highlighted some of their best pieces and asked them to explain the deeper meaning behind them. See Full Post

ON November 30 '09

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Interview with Creative Agency FACTORY311


Where most creative agencies obsess over typefaces and kerning Factory311 has a different philosophy. They’re all about blowing the proverbial roof off the house. Their weapon of choice? Sheer visual awesomeness.

Last week I managed to steal some time from Factory311’s director Nicholas Hardy for an interview I’ve been wanting to do from the moment I saw the awesome work they produce. Factory features a star cast of the hottest digital media artists featuring names like SOEMONE, Alberto Seveso, Federico Bebber and Sakke Soini. It’s this creative talent combined with the impressive list of professional photographers such as Jamie Nelson, Paco Peregrin, Valerie Morignat, Eric Canto and Andreas Stavrinides that gives Factory 311 the cutting edge style and versatility they are know for. See Full Post

ON October 22 '09

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23 Inspiring Digital Media illustrations from Justin Maller


Justin Maller is anything but unknow in the design community. His abstract yet organic signature style, multiple magazine publications and the fact that he co-founded the Depthcore group have put Justin on the international map.

Justin Maller is a freelance illustrator and art director based in Melbourne, Australia. He has been creating digital art for over eight years and has produced professionally in both private and studio based capacity for the last two. He is represented by the Jacky Winter Group.

Justin has had the pleasure of producing illustrations and concept art for a diverse array of companies and publications worldwide. He currently enjoys a cordial collaborative relationship with several prestigious international design studios. Justin is an inner core member of the Keystone Design Union, an avid sneaker collector, a savvy blogger, occassional tweeter and a mild force of nature on the basketball court. See Full Post

ON August 31 '09

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52 jaw-dropping photo manipulations


No stone was left unturned as I prepared this next installment in the photo manipulation inspiration series and it paid off. I wanted the best of the best for this showcase and I dare say that’s exactly what I found.

Whether you like the new skool digital media illustrations, the more abstract designer flavoured work or the typical commercial photo manipulation we’ve got you covered today. I’ve searched high and low for new work from established and unknown photoshop artists alike and I must admit, what I found left a smile on my face. Enjoy and be inspired, if you like what you see remember a Tweet or any other type of social support means a lot to us. See Full Post

ON August 24 '09

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10 Pieces of Awe-inspiring Photo Manipulation from Adam Spizak


One third photo manipulation, one third abstract elements and one third pure awesomeness is how I would describe London based Designer Adam Spizak’s style.

Adam Spizak is a self taught professional illustrator and designer. Adam hails from Poland but is currently residing in the United Kingdom’s design center London where he works as a web designer and interactive developer.

As with everything in life photo manipulation comes in many styles and flavors. I love many types of work but when it comes to stylized photo manipulation I have to hand it to Adam Spizak – he’s my current number one.

What makes Adam’s work unique for me is the way he combines believable manipulation, stylized elements and story. That last one is the ingredient that’s missing in a lot of work these days, much to Adam Spizak’s benefit, because his skill as a visual storyteller leaves many of his colleagues light years behind. See Full Post

ON August 18 '09

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The Fresh Digital Media Illustrations of Craig Shields


Craig Shields is young and talented graphic design student from the UK. With publications in Advanced Photoshop Mag and DigitalArts Mag Craig is hard at work to make a name for himself.

Twenty-one year old Craig Shields is currently in his final year as a degree student studying Graphic Design at the School of art and design in Lincoln. He does freelance illustration work in his spare time and is an active member of the DepthCore collective.

With magazine publications under his belt and listed as one of the Uk’s top 10 illustrators to look out for in 2009 Craig is building quite a name for himself. Definitely one to watch I’d say. See Full Post

ON August 17 '09

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