Over 40 Mind-Blowing Cover Illustrations by Marko Djurdjevic


During one of my browsing sessions I came across a blog post on ConceptArt that promoted Marko Djurdjevic’s new artbook. The art Marko shared in that post shattered my unprepared mind.

Artbooks come and go and I must admit, rarely do I find one interesting enough to actually make the purchase. Marko Djurdjevic’s first artbook, filled to the brim with coverwork for Marvel, has seriously infected me with a bad case of “want it now”. I grew up on characters like Spiderman, Captain America and the X-Men and to see my childhood heroes brought to life with such amazing skill is just mindblowing. Below are over 40 pieces from Marko’s book “The Marvel art of Marco Djurdjevic”, enjoy and be amazed. See Full Post

ON September 23 '09

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30 Awesome Concept Art and Illustration pieces from the Massive Black Portfolio


The whole idea of Designfeedr is to inspire a design minded audience with less typical inspiration. Today that brings us into the realm of Massive Black, a concept art studio that delivers mind-blowing art on a daily basis.

Massive Black has a client list that’s so impressive you would almost think it’s all made up. What other concept art studio do you know that has done work for Blizzard, LucasArts and Sega just to name a few? When you peek into their portfolio however it starts to set in – these guys are for real. The artists on the Massive Black team are spectacular by themselves but it’s as a whole that they give the studio a quality and versatility that has yet to be matched in the concept art and game industry.

For today’s showcase I’ve selected 30 exceptionally cool Concept art and Illustration pieces from the Massive Black portfolio to serve your insatiable inspiration need. Should you want more I have good news, the portfolio Massive Black showcases on their site is huge, I haven’t even scratched the surface here. Be sure to check them out. See Full Post

ON September 7 '09

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