Rock and Hustle Your Online Presence: 13 Power Tips


What does it take to be successful as a designer or illustrator? A crazy amount of skill? A good dose of talent? Or perhaps a strong portfolio?

Some designers and illustrators seem to get all the attention. They get the good clients, spotlights in respected magazines, interviews in high traffic online publications and more. They’re all over the place and as a result their brand recognition is building like wildfire, clients love them and the community respects them.

Ironic as it is, if you visit a lot of inspiration sites like I do you’ll come across people who are actually more skilled than the creatives getting all the attention and yet they aren’t doing half as well. Are they content being in the shadow? It might be a lack of ambition… Or is there perhaps something else at play?

A lot of people think that if you love what you do and work feverishly on building your skills set you’ll get what you deserve. After all, shouldn’t it be skill that leads to exposure in online and offline publications? Doesn’t the person with the better portfolio always come out on top? See Full Post

ON September 24 '09

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