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ON June 3 '08

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In commercial illustration, where the boundaries of realism are often not a factor, there are many ways to make an illustration have that “pop” effect which makes them stand out from the crowd and gives it that contemporary illustration look.

If you’re a fan of modern illustration you’ve no doubt noticed that those of the digital school like using extreme lighting effects and vivid colors to make an impression. One very effective way to give these elements extra power is to use a dark background for your piece. This ensures that you’ll have the basis to make the lighting and color really stand out.

I’ve searched the web and my hard drive for some eye catching examples. Enjoy and be inspired!

01. Daniel Delgado Volchaire | Daniel Delgado Volchaire’s site

Daniel Delgado 01

02. Cristiano Siqueira | Cristiano Siqueira’s site

Cristiano Siqueira 01

Cristiano Siqueira 02

03. Atila Meireles | Atila meireles’s site

Atila meireles 01

Atila meireles 02

04. Brian Gossett | Brian Gossett’s site

Brian Gossett 01

Brian Gossett 02

05. Mischa Loppies | Mischa Loppies’s site

Mischa Loppies 01

06. Jeremias Virtanen | Jeremias Virtanen’s site

Jeremias Virtanen 01

Jeremias Virtanen 01

07. Bosslogic | Bosslogic’s site

Bosslogic 01

Bosslogic Logic 02

Bosslogic Logic 03

08. Mike Orduna | Mike Orduna’s site

Mike Orduna 01

Mike Orduna 02

09. Xegalstudio | Xegalstudio site

Xegalstudio 01

Xegalstudio 02

10. Peter Maciocha | Peter Maciocha’s site

Peter Maciocha 01

Peter Maciocha 02

11. Sakke Soini | sakke Soini’s site

sakke Soini 01

sakke Soini 02

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