Interview with Creative Agency FACTORY311


Where most creative agencies obsess over typefaces and kerning Factory311 has a different philosophy. They’re all about blowing the proverbial roof off the house. Their weapon of choice? Sheer visual awesomeness.

Last week I managed to steal some time from Factory311’s director Nicholas Hardy for an interview I’ve been wanting to do from the moment I saw the awesome work they produce. Factory features a star cast of the hottest digital media artists featuring names like SOEMONE, Alberto Seveso, Federico Bebber and Sakke Soini. It’s this creative talent combined with the impressive list of professional photographers such as Jamie Nelson, Paco Peregrin, Valerie Morignat, Eric Canto and Andreas Stavrinides that gives Factory 311 the cutting edge style and versatility they are know for. See Full Post

ON October 22 '09

IN Interview

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