Creative movie posters inspiration


Using less obvious sources for inspiration can stimulate you to be much more creative and original. Today I’ve collected some great posters from recently released and upcoming movies.

Most of these are in here because I think they’ll inspire with their use of typography, effects or a unique approach. There’s a few on the other hand that are here simply because I’m a huge fan boy for stuff from my youth – new Conan and Red Sonja films? Hell yea! See Full Post

ON August 3 '08

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A different inspiration : Masters of digital painting


While I always look at (web) design and illustration for inspiration I’ve also often been inspired by totally different things. At first I thought I was just a weird one, but when I was over at fellow blogger Liam’s site I noticed that I’m not the only one with a knack for different inspiration sources.

This pulled me over the edge to do a showcase on digital painting, something I’ve been following for years now. Even if you don’t know the first thing about digital brushwork you can still be greatly inspired by the awesome color choices, composition and sometimes totally unique angles these paintings have.

So forget about your doc types, drop that Wacom pen and simply get inspired by something totally different. Digital painting at it’s best. See Full Post

ON July 28 '08

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Awesome photo manipulation part 2


The first “Awesome photo manipulation inspiration” post was extremely well received. Actually the response was so overwhelming that I figured I’d set up another showcase for you guys. Hope you enjoy, and should there be a stunning photoshop wizard that I might have missed be sure to let me know in the comments so I can include them in the inevitable follow up! See Full Post

ON July 5 '08

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Sexy character illustration showcase


Please keep in mind that this post is very NSFW.

A while ago I did an article on sexy character illustrations and asked some illustrators who create that type of art some questions. While doing my research for that article I came across some great artists that just begged to be compiled into a showcase. In this collection of images you’ll find some established names and some up and coming artists, all of them with a unique style. See Full Post

ON June 27 '08

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Inspiring packaging design


Even if you aren’t actively working in packaging design you can still respect and be inspired by some of the creative and eye pleasing solutions that are out there. I searched high and low on the web for some excellent packaging design examples in various categories. Enjoy the post and be inspired! See Full Post

ON June 14 '08

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Dark illustration inspiration


In commercial illustration, where the boundaries of realism are often not a factor, there are many ways to make an illustration have that “pop” effect which makes them stand out from the crowd and gives it that contemporary illustration look.

If you’re a fan of modern illustration you’ve no doubt noticed that those of the digital school like using extreme lighting effects and vivid colors to make an impression. One very effective way to give these elements extra power is to use a dark background for your piece. This ensures that you’ll have the basis to make the lighting and color really stand out.

I’ve searched the web and my hard drive for some eye catching examples. Enjoy and be inspired! See Full Post

ON June 3 '08

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Awesome photo manipulation inspiration


Those of us who have tried mixing a bunch of photos together know that the process isn’t quite as easy as it might look. Blending different elements to form a single convincing image requires a very diverse skill set. Composition, color theory, the need for a solid concept and the technical know how to blend the elements together often come in to play in one piece.

The following 10 artists and studio’s definitely know what they’re doing though. So enjoy the work and be inspired. See Full Post

ON May 27 '08

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