80(!) Excellent Examples of Mixed Media Fashion Illustration


Fashion illustration is one of the forms of illustration that has been out there forever but seems to blur into the background a bit. This is a shame because it’s one of the most creative and versatile styles in illustration.

From the soft illustrations of Bangkok’s ISE , the brooding work of Hong Kong’s Calvin Ho or the clever product intergration of Finland’s Laura Liane, this post is extremely diverse. Filled to the brim with awesome fashion illustrations this over 80 pieces of inspiration article is Designfeedr’s largest inspiration post to date.

This post was a lot of work on Pandii’s part. This was partially due to the huge quantity of images showcased but also because she’s fairly new to all the coding that goes on behind the screens. If you enjoy it I imagine she would very much appreciate a Tweet or Facebook mention. See Full Post

ON October 7 '09

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Stunning illustrated typography on dark backgrounds


Can’t decide whether you like design or illustration best? No need to choose, the stunning illustrated typography in this post features the best of both worlds.

I digged this post from the Designfeedr archives, I found the post in the “draft” section of the blog’s articles and immediately knew I had made a mistake in taking it offline. Since this article dates from well before Designfeedr’s reboot it has a large amount of comments, just thought I’d mention it to avoid any possible confusion.

I had to put in the necessary work to remove the weaker pieces, add some more awesome typography and update the formatting and designer info. Definitely worth it in the end though. Enjoy! See Full Post

ON September 15 '09

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More than 30 Inpsiring Movie Posters for your inspiration


While most hyped up blockbuster movies disappoint upon release the poster designs are often straight up gorgeous. Don’t just take my word for it, I have the showcase to prove it!

The film industry is a hard place to stand out in, a decent movie requires a huge budget, tons of skill and a talented cast. While that might be a tough reality for movie makers it’s actually good news for us, it means their creatives will have to double their efforts when it comes to movie poster design.

I’d love to hear what your favorites are, I have to confess the GI Joe Ninjas are pretty damn cool from a nerdy perspective while the Japanese Flash Gordon poster is in one word epic. See Full Post

ON September 10 '09

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Over 45 Excellent Examples of Retro Typography, Design and Illustration


In design everything that is old will at one point be the new hot thing. One of those emerging trends is retro inspired design and illustration.

I grew up with shows like the Transformers, Thundercats and He-man – cartoons the likes of which many complain aren’t made anymore today. I remember the gratifying frustration of playing games like Zelda, Metroid and Mega Man in a time when strategy guides didn’t exist.

As a result of growing up in the 80s I get all warm and fuzzy inside every time I see neon color schemes, over the top shiny metallic typography and Tron inspired grid backdrops. At first I thought I was the only one with this absurd fetish but lately the web has me believing otherwise. Designers, illustrators and everyone in between seem to be picking up the 80s as a new trend for the coming years. So I did what I do best on Designfeedr, I scoured the interwebs and my hard drive for the hottest retro pieces the web has to offer. See Full Post

ON September 2 '09

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Digital Meets High Fashion: 43 Photos With Awesome Lighting Effects


What do you get when you take the lighting skills of top fashion photographers and add extreme digital effects? High fashion eye candy at it’s best!

In the world of fashion photography proper use of lighting is the key to producing a professional looking image. As the lines between Digital Media, illustration and photography blur there seem to be a lot of creative experimenting going on. Amazing and inventive lighting techniques, colours pushed to the brim and digital effects give these experimental fashion photos a surreal and extra magical or urban reminiscent look and feel. Below is a compilation of the most creative lighting in fashion photography I spotted on the web. Enjoy! See Full Post

ON August 27 '09

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52 jaw-dropping photo manipulations


No stone was left unturned as I prepared this next installment in the photo manipulation inspiration series and it paid off. I wanted the best of the best for this showcase and I dare say that’s exactly what I found.

Whether you like the new skool digital media illustrations, the more abstract designer flavoured work or the typical commercial photo manipulation we’ve got you covered today. I’ve searched high and low for new work from established and unknown photoshop artists alike and I must admit, what I found left a smile on my face. Enjoy and be inspired, if you like what you see remember a Tweet or any other type of social support means a lot to us. See Full Post

ON August 24 '09

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