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Those of us who have tried mixing a bunch of photos together know that the process isn’t quite as easy as it might look. Blending different elements to form a single convincing image requires a very diverse skill set. Composition, color theory, the need for a solid concept and the technical know how to blend the elements together often come in to play in one piece.

The following 10 artists and studio’s definitely know what they’re doing though. So enjoy the work and be inspired.

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01. Emeric Trahand | Emeric’s site

Emeric Trahand 01

Emeric Trahand 02

Emeric Trahand 03

Emeric Trahand 04

02. Allesandro Bavari | Allesandro’s site

Allesandro Bavari 01

Allesandro Bavari 02

Allesandro Bavari 03

Allesandro Bavari 04

03. Quentin Shih | Quentin’s site

Quentin Shih 01

Quentin Shih 02

Quentin Shih 03

04. David Waters | David’s site

David Waters 01

David Waters 02

05. Partners Portugal

Partners Portugal 01

Partners Portugal 02

06. Lauri Ahonen | Lauri’s site

Lauri Ahonen 01

Lauri Ahonen 02

07. Sullivan & Lane | Sullivan & Lane site

Sullivan & Lane 01

Sullivan & Lane 02

Sullivan & Lane 02

08. Heiko Klug | Heiko Klug

Heiko Klug 01

Heiko Klug 02

09. Dave Hill | Dave’s site

Dave Hill 01

Dave Hill 02

10. Anthony Harmon | Anthony’s site

Aharmon 01

11. Impossible is nothing campaign

Impossible is nothing campaign 01

Impossible is nothing campaign 02

12. Usefull recourses

If the above has gotten your creative juices flowing but you don’t know where to start when it comes to photo manipulating the following links will help you out.

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Eagis Strife tips and tricks
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Random usefull tutorials
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