Your advertisement on Designfeedr?

We showcase visual stimulation that makes the hearts of design minded creatives beat faster.

We’re all about inspiration. Often this will be design related inspiration but on a regular basis we also showcase totally different types of work to keep things fresh for our visitors.

Our audience consists of designers, digital artists, illustrators, web designers and other visual minded creatives. The majority of the people we reach are active users of social media and often have their own blog, Twitter, Facebook and other forms of Online Presence. Practically all of them are Photoshop users and a decent amount of our visitors are on a Mac.

For statistics or buying an ad placement visit the Designfeedr Buysellads inventory page. We use Buysellads because it takes all the hassle out of the placement process and ads can literally be up in minutes.

Availible advertising and prices

We have the following advertising spots availibe. Currently there are no plans for extra spots or types of promotion but feel free to send a mail if you have an offer you want me to consider.

$105 per month – Top premium banner with text
One placement. This 264×100 pixels banner is our premium spot. The position is highly visible above the fold, comes with a 125 character description of your product or service and up to 2 text links. The perfect opportunity to communicate with our audience on a visual en textual level.

$50 per month – 125 pixels block banner
Eight placements. The trusted and tried 125×125 pixel block advertisement. Positions rotate randomly.

$65 per month – Lower premium banner with text
One placement. Same as the above premium banner spot only positioned below the 125 pixel placements. Comes with a 125 character description of your product or service and up to 2 text links.


We don’t accept animated banners, it’s general knowledge that the design community considers these to have a negative impact on the browsing experience (and that’s saying it nicely).

For the 264×55 pixel premium banners with text there is a maximum of 125 characters availible and a total of two text links allowed. While banner placement is automated through Buysellads the text placement is not. After purchasing the banner space through our Buysellads page send me a mail with your accompanying text and I’ll place it on the site manually.

Ready to advertise? Visit our Buysellads inventory page and see your ad on the site today.