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Tue, Oct 30, 2007

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This is the first article in a series where we have a guest designer walk us through the creative process of one of their real world commissions. We blast the first article in the series off with Chicago based designer and illustrator Angel D’Amico who was commissioned to design a series of clothing tags. Angel talks about her interaction with the client, sketches, revisions and shows off the final product.

Note : Scroll down to the end of the article to find thumbnails of all the full size images that Angel provided. There were too many pics to fit them all in the article but I couldn’t bring myself to keep them from you!

A day in the life of

Angel D’Amico was recently contacted by a client of hers to create some concept designs for four clothing tags. Since it was a returning client he called her directly on the phone. “We chatted a little and he wanted me to come see him at his office. This was a bit of a problem because I was very busy at the time and could’t afford the time off from my running projects,â€? says Angel. In the end both parties agreed on working through email and phone and the deadline of the project was set to a week.

To get an idea of the direction the client asked Angel to hand sketch concepts first. She created the said sketches and added textual explanations to clarify her thought process. “I also added colour thumbnails to give the client options to choose from,� she ads.

Angel D'Amico image 01

Angel then emailed the sketches and got very positive feedback, the client liked the direction. There were a few small pieces of feedback concerning text placement and the like but in general the green light was easily given to go ahead and create the pieces.

“I made two sets of clothing tags, both consisting of 2 different images each. The first pair were rather wide and almost square in size while the second pair were a lot slimmer in width,� Angel describes.

For the first set the client wanted Angel to redraw one of the figures, “Luckily I worked in layers, so this was a breeze,� Angel explains.

The client liked the direction of the second set, but did insist on a different image of the female.

Angel made the necessary adjustments and sent the pieces over to the client. The client approved but wanted another modification, a different head for the female in the one of the tags from the first set. Angel opted to digitally edit the position of the head in Photoshop instead of redrawing it.

After this a whole day of phone tag ensued where both parties couldn’t get a hold of each other. “In the end I gave up and decided email was our best betâ€? Angel says.

When the client got back to Angel’s email he told her he wanted a faux gold foil looking element added to the pieces of the first set. “I had to find a picture of gold foil and Photoshop it into both tags, taking care to make it look authentic.â€?.

Angel D'Amico final product

After sending these revised versions over all was silent around the client for a while, “When the client finally got back to me I had to rush and finalise the pieces in half a day,� Angel reveals, “I finished the four pieces that same day and sent them over together with the invoice.�.

At this point the client who commissioned Angel is in turn reviewing the concepts with his client, so there might very well be a follow up job coming from this.

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We’d like to thank angel for sharing the story and eye candy behind this project. If you’d like to see more of Angel’s work have a look at her site.

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